Our Process has been approved by NADEP for on-site I Level and Depot Level maintenance.

Our Chemicals have been approved for the F-16 (350 knot) canopy by Hill Air Force Base.

Aerotech Acrylic Concepts Clients as well as Referrals:

⇒ MCAS Beaufort, SC
⇒ NAS Atlanta, GA
⇒ NAS Oceana, VA
⇒ MCAS Miramar, CA
⇒ NAS Fort Worth, TX
⇒ NAF Atsugi, Japan
⇒ NAS Lemoore, CA
⇒ MCAS Cherry Point, NC
⇒ NAS New Orleans, LA
⇒ Luke, AZ AFB
⇒ Davis Monthan, AZ AFB
⇒ Williams, AZ AFB
⇒ Kuwait AFB
⇒ Saudi Arabia, RAFB

Aerotech is currently providing recommendations for improvement to maintenance materials used to maintain JSF Canopies as well as additional maintenance task or modifications to existing techniques that will improve canopy sustainment cost.