About Us

Aerotech Acrylic Concepts, Inc. was founded by Mr. Quinn Putman in 1998 in Phoenix, Arizona. He discovered the technique of acrylic refurbishment in 1985. His process is extremely effective in removing scratches, swirling, oxidation, light crazing, pitting, overspray, and gun gas scorching. The process also eliminates crack shine with night vision goggles. Mr. Putman's education and inventive nature was acquired through both classroom instruction and "in-the-field" experience with regard to electrical and mechanical engineering.

The Aerotech Acrylic Concepts, Inc. process is multi-phased, beginning with a thorough cleaning, then assessment and identification of the restoration needs. Sonar mil thickness readings are taken before and after refurbishment to ensure the transparency exceeds the minimum thickness requirements. The refurbishment process restores the acrylic to a like new condition while preserving it's optical quality with no distortion. We then finish with clean-up and customer acceptance. Each of our refurbishers completes an extensive Aerotech Acrylic Concepts, Inc. training program, ensuring the highest quality control standards are met. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!